“You’ve got a deal Whitman.” Kira moved slightly and stared right into Lesley’s eyes. “Have you ever, I mean… Has your Mom ever tried to contact you?”

      Lesley’s mother had pulled a similar stunt on him as the one Kira’s father had. About the time his little sister turned six, she had just up and disappeared, Lesley had been around nine, but he didn’t really remember her. His father wouldn’t talk about her, but Lesley had found one or two photos of and elegantly slim and tall woman with pale turquoise hair. Between the disappearance similarities and Lesley and Kira’s odd hair colors, they had half joked many times that they were somehow related or that their parents had met and run off with each other, even though the disappearances had been three years apart. Kira was the same age as Lesley.


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